Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good thing we are not farmers...

...we would starve! (oh yeah, we are Realtors, same dif!) Yes, this little gem of a tomato is the only one that is ripe (we have 2 huge bushes). As you can see, it is the whopping size of a dime! We are cutting it up into three equal pieces for dinner tonight!

Eighth Grade and CONTACTS!! glasses!!

Yeah, the day has finally arrived when Courtney could shed the glasses and sport the contacts! She is so happy to be able to wear sunglasses! She has been learning how to put the contacts in and remove them. We were almost late to school this morning! It takes a bit of doing the first few days until you get the hang of it. Back-to-school was more exciting this year, the last year of middle school and just feeling more sure and confident about it all. I offered to accompany her into school the first day to pick up her schedule, but was turned down. "No thanks, Mom. I am all right. I do not need you to come in with me." One part of me was sad, the other part was happy that she is ready to launch herself without me by her side!