Sunday, July 15, 2007

My first seminary class...eight boys and one girl. Freshman/Sophomore, need I say more? They were wonderful! On to Old Testament! (Andrew Arrington, George Groesbeck, Jordan Ray, Irwin Padilla, Jordan Cook, Tommy James, Alice Pollock, Josh Crandall, Caleb Quinton)
Halle gets the 'happiest baby' award! She is just always grinning and so sweet.

Afton and Courtney on a turtle.

Matt and Courtney pose at the Zoo.

Jelly Belly factory tour! And we bought a lot of 'belly flops' to take home!
Play area at the Mall - a favorite attraction!

Courtney and I spent a week in Chicago the end of May/first of June. We went to the aquarium, the Brookfield Zoo, the Jelly Belly Factory in Wisonsin, the park, Build-A-Bear, and so much more!! WE had a great time!!

Courtney as the heel bone in her class play (June 8)

Yup, she's a climber, too!

Playing at Nana's with the kitchen. (June)
Rylee is very interested in the hose and water that Nana let her play with. Mud to follow...

Claire and I get along really well!

These two should have come with a warning label and instruction manual!! But, they are a lot of fun!! We love 'em!

Lori and Taylor trying to stay warm!! It was such a treat to have them here.

Is she cute or what!! Taylor got right in to the action!

What fireworks display is complete without sparklers!???

Claire attacks a piece of watermelon on July 4 dinner at Mum and Dad's.

Three cute cousins patiently waiting in the sun for the Sedro Woolley Logger Rodeo Parade to being on July 4, 2007. If you have never had the 'good fortune' of witnessing this event, you are no worse off, the main attraction is the fistfulls of candy they toss to (at) the crowd!!

The Slesk family minus Eli and Brittany. What a great looking group!

Paul, getting in touch with his 'feminine side', as he arranges sunflowers on the ivy-covered arch.

Jamie, lovely mother of the bride, was calm, cool and collected. She had everything organized and running smoothly...I think she is ready to turn professional after 3 in one year!

Natasha and Josh are wed July 14, 2007

Here is the beautiful wedding couple. The weather was perfect, the bride was gorgeous, the groom was happy, the parents were pleased....what a wonderful day!