Saturday, November 8, 2008

Daddy-Daughter Date!

What fun we all had at our recent annual Activity Day Girls Daddy-Daughter Date. We had dads doing girls hair and nails. That was interesting. Pat needed a little help from a father-of-five-girls dad to put the ponytail in Courtney's hair! I served up a 'gourmet' meal of sloppy joes, tater tot, corn and brownie sundaes. The girls shaving dads (brothers) was a riot! (they left the plastic blade covers ON!) Everyone had a lot of fun and there was a lot of laughing going on! The men were so cute with their daughters.

Two musicians hard at work...

Spencer and Courtney took a few minutes before church to play a duet together. It was lovely! What a sweet sight to behold...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Octoberfest, Slesk Style!!

Thanks to Spencer and his photographic talents for these adorable pictures! He takes great pictures and interesting angles. We had a blast, thanks to the Slesk's Hospitality. Pressing apples, playing together, working together, and best of all...eating together!!

Brit and I with the flower display. Courtney and the trained parrot-amazing! You point your finger and say 'Bang!' and he falls back and plays dead. Too funny!

Thank you, Spencer and Brittany, for coming up to spend a weekend with us!! We had a blast! Friday night and Saturday we went to Seattle. The lights on the water are fabulous. Thanks to Spencer's great eye and camera, we have some lovely photos. That would be why we do not have any photos with Spencer in them.

Here I go again....

Another new project...this time it's crocheted purses. They are simple, fun and funky. The red one is actually more of a rusty-red color with a wooden button. The navy and green one is Courtney's. She chose a fancy jeweled button for hers. It has bright lime green stones and looks like a broach. Very pretty.