Monday, May 12, 2008


Sarah and Andrew received 'the call' today letting them know they had been chosen by the birth mother to adopt her baby boy. His name is Joshua Andrew Fullmer! Details and pictures to follow! We are so happy for them!

The story of the tree house...

There is a field behind the church down the street from our house. Part of the fence blew down and Courtney and friends like to go 'explore' in the field. One day they discovered an old, abandoned tree fort of sorts! She has adopted it as her own and has spent many a carefree hour down there playing, climbing, swinging on a rope, etc. Last Saturday she and Pat loaded the wheelbarrow with tools and supplies and spent 3 hours making improvements to 'her' tree house. They added a swing, made some repairs and have begun to enlarge it out a bit more on one side. What a fun thing for her! She is such a fun girl, and so young at heart still. I am glad she still loves to climb trees, jump in puddles, roll down the grassy hillside and jump on the trampoline!

Tulips finally blooming! Rockery finally filling in!

Spring has been very slow in coming here this year and although my tulips bloom later than average (less sunshine in my back yard) this year has been especially late. But here they are in all their glory! I love looking out at them and the other flowers that are finally bringing some color to the yard. And after 3 years of waiting, the planting area along the back fence is finally filling in!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fun with Matt, Afton and Halle!

Courtney and I had a very fun week in Chicago! While Paul and Missy were in Bermuda we played in the sun! Matt turned 7 on April 26th...he and Paul are seen here creating yet another fabulous lego creation. Afton, Missy, Courtney, Halle and I celebrated Afton's birthday early at the American Girl Place.

The Many 'Faces' of Halle...

Happy 5th Birthday, Afton

We were in Chicago the end of April so Missy arranged for all us girls to go to American Girl Place downtown for a little shopping for the girls' dolls and lunch! What a treat! Thanks to Afton for celebrating her birthday early so we could be there with her!