Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Backyard Patio is finally underway!!

Carousel at the Mall

Always a hit with old and young alike, we had to stop at the Mall for our ride!

Rylee's special smile!

Sporting her new backback...she is just too funny!

The Trip To Utah...paintbrush in hand, smile on face!

Sarah and Andrew labored for hours preparing for my trip to help them paint their new home. Under the plastic on the floor is gorgeous hard wood. The blue is painters tape that they made liberal and great use of. All the walls, trim and ceilings were completely primed white prior to my arrival. We worked long and hard and the transformation was amazing!!

Cute little entry table Spencer found, painted and gave a distressed look to. Darling!

Fun, clever, colorful and creative wall display in the kitchen of their home


This is a piano they purchased, stripped and re-finished and, yes, it is next to their bed!
Spencer and Brittany have made a lovely and inviting home of their one room apartment.

Lake Wenatche is beautiful, that is an island you can boat to and walk around on...

Tanner had the distinction and honor of catching the first fish!! Thank goodness we brought food, those fish are SMALL!!

This is the life! The perfect day at the lake for Pat is spent just like this!
'Cousin Fun' at Mason Creek. We stayed at the Rowe Family 'cabin' near Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth in August. We swam in the lake, fished in the creek and ate at the '59er Diner' down the road a piece...what fun we had!!