Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

We attended our Ward Christmas Party last night where they had set up an area in the foyer to take family pictures. This is the result of our efforts! We are in full holiday swing around here and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spencer and Brittany on the 22nd!

Murder Mystery Dinner...Rylee and Kelsey visit

In November Courtney's band director hosted a fund raiser in the form of a Murder Mystery Dinner. Since it coincided with Kelsey's visit, we got her to go in on the fun. She played the part of Nadia Seymore, the swimsuit model. Pat was Les Baggs, the tourist, I was Holly Day, the wife of a very wealthy businessman, and Dad and Mum were Chief some hawiian name I can't pronounce or spell and Birdie Putts. It was a very fun evening. We also enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving Dinner at the Knoblich's home everyone.

Mount Baker Middle School

Courtney is in the band playing the flute again this year. And also auditioned for the Concert Choir. The choir meets after school two days a week. She has a lovely soprano voice. She was really nervous to try out, but bravely did it. Our fear can so often hold us back. She is very musical and thinks it would be fun to be an elementary school music teacher. One of many career paths she is considering.

Halloween fun

We have Lauren over to spend the night and hang out to play every few weeks. This time it was the pumpkin carving weekend. They did a great job on their pumpkins.

Girl's Camp 2009!

Here is our favorite Beehive all packed up and ready for a fun week at Girl's Camp! The weather hit 100 degrees and higher during the week they were there! Luckily there was a river on the property to cool off in. Pat and I did not know what to do with all our peace and quiet!

Courtney goes to work...

Well, it had to happen eventually. Courtney turned 12 this past March, which made her old enough to volunteer out at Lang's Horse and Pony Farm this summer. She has spent a lot of time there over the past several years attending pony camp and then horse camp and taking riding lessons. Now, she can spend the day helping other little campers with their ponies! She had a great time. She loves animals and children, so this was a perfect fit.

August Brought More Sunshine, Kelsey and Rylee, & a Trip to Leavenworth!

We played in the sun, did some illegal fishing (we did not know it was against the law to fish the creek in August) Luckily a neighbor set us straight. We ate at the 59er Diner, swam at the city pool, played on the shores of Lake Wenatchee, stayed up too late and ate too much junk!

Our new furry Rosette, the guinea pig

She joined our family a couple of months ago after Courtney did her 'homework' and researched the proper care and feeding of guinea pigs. She is named Rosette because she is a 'Rosette' guinea pig, meaning those little cowlicks are called rosettes. She talks to us, 'popcorns' (jumps) when she is happy and is a low-maintenance, and user-friendly pet. She has a crate she lives in and Courtney keeps her in her bedroom. I think of all the pets we have had (I will not bore you with the list!), the is my favorite. Courtney even paid for her with her own money...which is always the ultimate test of desire to own. If she is willing to part with her own cash, she is sincere. So far, we are enjoying this little furry lady and since her life span is 6-7 years, this should be the last pet we have to accomodate!