Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And Cheryl Came To Town...

Many thanks to Doug for sending Cheryl out for the weekend to let us help celebrate her birthday! We had a great time. It seems like only yesterday I was holding her in my arms...I was her surogate mother, I grabbed her and took over as soon as I could get a hold of her! Little did I know it would launch a career of mothering that has spanned decades and, near as I can tell, goes on for eternity!

First Day of 6th Grade!! Yikes!! How did this happen so fast!??

You blink and your kids have grown up on you! Here our little 11 and a 1/2 year old is, starting the final year of elementary school! She is back in band for the second year and enjoying her 'brand new to teaching, just graduated from college' teacher. I was kidding that he looks like he doesn't even shave yet. Courtney came home the other day and assured me that, indeed, he does in fact shave. He just cuts it so close that it only 'looks' like he doesn't. When did teachers start looking so young!! I have 5 kids older than him! But his motto is 'Let's have some fun and get the job done!' Courtney is all about having fun! We are back to the grind of a, homework, piano, reading, etc. And I am back to the Seminary routine!! So don't call us after 9 p.m. 'cuz we are all tucked in for the night 'round here!

Helping Nana make Brownies!

First you mix and stir, then you test the batter to make sure it tastes good, then you get to clean the bowl! That's how we roll!

Bridesmaid and Flower Girl

Shalyce's wedding (Kelsey's friend, Shalyce Smiley) was amazing! It was held at a fabulous garden south of town just off the end of Blodgett Road. Rylee performed her task of walking down the isle, holding the hand of a two-year old little boy in a tux, perfectly!!

Courtney gets new highlights. Thanks, Kels

Rylee and Grandpa - doin' the 'sprinkler two-step'

Kelsey and Rylee came in August for Shalyce's wedding. Rylee and Pat had a blast running through the sprinkler! And we have our redneck swimming pool (ie. a plastic bucket!) Rylee had a blast. All kids love knives and water.

Shopping 'Rylee Style'

Courtney and I were able to 'hitch a ride' to Utah in Mid-June. We appreciate the Brock Family generously offering to let us ride along! While there we were able to get acquainted with our new little Joshua, see Ruth Ann, Jacob, Grace and Jeffery, spend some time with Paul, Missy, Matt, Afton and Halle, and have slumber parties with Rylee and Kelsey.

Cool in the Pool!

Fun at the Mall....after the photo shoot, the reward!

Welcome Joshua Andrew Fullmer!

We are thrilled to have Joshua join our family! His journey to Sarah and Andrew is nothing short of miraculous. We are very grateful.