Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun With Jacob and Grace...

Jacob and Grace got to spend the night with us last weekend! What fun we had playing at the park!

Grandpa and Jeffery share smiles!

Jeffery is such a happy little guy with a ready grin that is so rewarding!! Those dimples are just too cute!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It was hot, so...

Of Course Nana let Rylee get herself good and wet in the Bug's Life Water Park. And Courtney spent some of her money on a few treats - Minnie hat, shirt, earings and bracelet. Pat and I on the train ride - my speed... and Kelsey gets the bravery award for riding the Maliboomer. Shoots you straight up in the air at tremendous speed and drops you back down. That plexiglass cover is there for a reason (hurl-catcher?)

Our Little Pirates...

Exploring the island...caves, treehouses, pirates' gold, suspension bridges. Just fun!

Mouse Ears, Carousel and Water...

What kid can resist mouse ears? And the Carousel was Rylee's favorite ride. Dumbo was a huge hit with her also. Here she is dipping her hands into a stream and then rubbing said water into her hair, much to her mother's dismay...and she got so dirty! It was hard for Kelsey to see her little girl laying in the dirt on Pirate's Lair Island! She has never been that dirty before!

Greetings from 'The Happiest Place on Earth'

Pat, Courtney, Kelsey, Rylee and I spent 3 fun days last week in Disneyland and California Adventure. The weather was wonderful! The crowds not so fun, but we managed to get in the best rides.